Military Surplus

Special: Buy 3 or more of the tents or bags, mix and match, for $20 each.

Patrol Sleeping Bag – $25 each
We have quite a few Patrol sleeping bags that we am putting up for sale. These patrol bags are rated down to freezing and are near perfect condition. These were used by the military and have been kept in very good condition. A few of the bags are brand new as far as we can tell. Most of them are pre-owned but in Very Good condition.

The Green Patrol Bag is designed to be used in between temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees F. Designed to be used alone or combined with the other components of the USGI Modular Sleep System for extreme cold weather protection. Reversible double-pull zipper allows top or bottom ventilation, non-locking slide fastener self repairs if jammed or snagged. Hood adjusts for heat retention; includes nylon draw cord and barrel lock. Great for the bugout bag or if you are prepping.

Patrol Sleeping Bag

US Military Pup Tent – $25 each
This system includes two half shelter systems that connect together to create a two man pup tent, which was the standard ground troops’ tent for decades. Dimensions are 7 feet x 5 feet. Good used condition, complete with poles, ropes, stakes, and canvas. Can be set up as a 2 man “pup” tent as pictured, or use individually as two (2) one man half shelters.